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Here is what clients have to say about working with SSC SQUARE

"Gurpreet is one of the most uniquely insightful individuals that I have ever worked with. He is extremely personable, analytical, creative, ethical, curious and caring - a very rare mix. In my professional (procurement-related) engagements with him over the last year, I have learned an immense amount from him through the challenges he has posed, the provoking questions he has raised, and his approach to problem solving. Gurpreet has made me and my company better as a result. Simultaneously, he has ensured that his company has identified the true drivers within the value chain for outsourced services/technology and that his company receives the most value from his company's supplier roster."    


"I recently worked with Gurpreet in our Centralized Procurement team. Although we both had different projects, I frequently consulted with Gurpreet regarding the Legal Services sourcing project that I was leading. His past experiences and industry knowledge in this space was unsurpassed. He was able to provide tips/tricks/coaching to me, which ultimately aided in achieving our team goals. Overall, his insight proved to me that he is a true team player."


"Gurpreet is a talented self-starter who is extremely knowledgeable and hard working. He did a great job helping to in-source patent services at Wyeth, under conditions that were often made difficult by language and cultural barriers. Throughout, he was the consummate professional, and his dedication and diligence resulted in significant savings to the company. I recommend Gurpreet enthusiastically for any strategic sourcing project."


"I have found Gurpreet a delight to work with, diligently & effectively managing the energy costs and suppliers we use in our plant network. His assistance in our lighting upgrade project has been instrumental in moving the project forward."


"Gurpreet is a skilled negotiator who is detail oriented and well organized. He led the negotiations on several tough deals and all parties were pleased with the results. I highly recommend Gurpreet and enjoyed working with him."


"I had the opportunity to work with Gurpreet Singh when I was an attorney in the Wyeth patent department - we spent several months reviewing the cost-effectiveness of numerous overseas patent law firms, with the goal of selecting a few firms to handle a sizable portion of Wyeth's patent portfolio. I therefore had numerous opportunities to appreciate Gurpreet's high level of professionalism and dedication. Gurpreet quickly achieved a very good understanding of the process involved in obtaining a patent - this enabled him to ask relevant, detailed questions to the foreign patent attorneys vying for Wyeth's business, and to quickly weed out many candidates who did not meet the expected standards. Gurpreet also proved to be a very effective negotiator - when the time came to reach a deal with the firms we selected, he was successful in obtaining significant discounts over the firms' normal price for many of their services."


"Gurpreet's presentation, "Achieving Success in International & Domestic Negotiations Using a Planning Document," which took place at the 2009 ISM New York/New Jersey Forum 11/7, was excellent. The material was leading edge, in sync with the current world and business situation, and very useful for any company involved in formal negotiations. Gurpreet communicates the material very clearly in a down to earth style. I learned a lot from this brief presentation, and would highly recommend Gurpreet as either a consultant or an instructor."


"I have worked with Gupreet in a number of settings. He has worked with my team to get web applications developed to improve process in the Purchasing area and I have most recently participate in Dale Carnegie's Leadership LINC with him. Gupreet is a solid business leader and a very genuine person. He brings consistently new ideas to the table and collaborates out of the gate. I enjoyed working with Gupreet and would recommend him in the future."

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